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We provide web oblique images
and 3D viewer solutions.


OBLIVIEW is a new online platform and service developed by MGGPAERO. It is a product of intensive development and natural progression from what has previously been available as three separate solutions.


Where many of projects around the World are realised with 10-20cm GSD majority of our products are delivered with 3-5cm ground pixel resolution and tremendous amount of additional information and potential.


Unique combination of 5 medium-format cameras produces sharp and detailed imagery in four directions and vertical simultaneously.


The geospatial world is rapidly moving from 2D to 3D immersive solutions thanks to combination of latest sensors and computer systems.


We offer a myriad of derivative products from LiDAR data such as Digital Terrain and Surface Models, 3D City models, flood maps and vegetation analytics.


The most comprehensive data for applications which need the ability to analyze views, measure any sides of buildings

Six separate digital sensors to capture NADIR and OBLIQUE imagery views and LiDAR

multisensor platform

Multisensor photogrammetric platform was designed to capture simultaneously 360⁰ geospatial data. This scalable and combined configuration allows acquisition of nadir and oblique imagery and LiDAR as well. Such set of geodata is best known solution of mapping cities. Multisensor platform collects all the data which is needed to map a city from each of four directions and in 3D. The application includes processing tools and internet publishing TMS (tile map service) without having to install additional plug-ins.

oblique imagery

Oblique imagery is aerial photography that is captured at approximately a 45 degree angle in four cardinal directions. With sufficient image sequences, resolution and overlap in the flight plan we produce 3D reality mesh models. What are the advantages of oblique imagery? Much easier objects identification from any side and increase of geodata reliability. More detailed 3D city models. Better interpretation and visibility due the textures and additional information.


OBLIVIEW maps web-based services allow intuitive search, navigation, visualization, and even animation of 360⁰ information within the visual context of the oblique orthphotomaps and 3D mesh.

3d mesh

3D reality mesh basically comes out from high-resolution oblique imagery and supplemented by additional accuracy of point clouds from LiDAR. Reality modeling extend geodata capabilities.

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Our online service offers a unique perspective of your environment where you can experience bird's eye view of landscape and architecture, freely changing view angles, rotating around and zooming in for close up 3D details capture. Useful not only as reality visualisation tool, our models can be used for city planning, line-of-sight analysis, sun angle and shadow simulation as well as basis for solar potential maps.